Escape to the spectacular Daintree Rainforest to experience a healing retreat like no other. Where your mind, body & soul will be enriched & you’ll feel rejuvenated & inspired.

Dragon Dreaming Retreats Presents -

a Daintree healing experience.

This retreat is for you.

Imagine luxury Daintree accommodation complete with breathtaking ocean views and a large horizon pool, immersed in private Daintree Rainforest. Daily healing treatments including Tui-na massage, Chinese Cupping, Moxa, Acupuncture, daily Meditation, daily Qigong practice or daily Yoga. Delicious Japanese food, nature immersion, mineral rejuvenation and more.

All forming part of a guided personal development program, uniquely designed for an integrated experience.

What's included in the retreat?

Justine Massage Daintree

Daily Activities & Healing Treatments

Come on a journey inside yourself within a comfortable, relaxed, spacious and safe environment. You will learn tools that remove limitations by immersing yourself in YOUR SELF.

Each day of the retreat is uniquely designed for your personal journey. Including massage, meditation, organic facials, Qigong practice, relaxation techniques and much more.
Each guest will receive a 2 hour treatment with Dragon Dreaming Retreat’s guide and therapist Justine Moriarty, professionally tailored to their needs.
The intuitive healing includes a combination of Tui Na ( Traditional Chinese Massage) Cupping, Moxibustion, Acupuncture and Reflexology.
Feel revived and at ease.
Daintree Accommodation Retreats

Luxury Daintree Accommodation

OFF GRID, absolute privacy with spectacular ocean views. Relax in the spacious pole home with out door deck lounging and dining. Floating away from your thoughts in the tranquil infinity pool.

This stunning Daintree accommodation looks out over the Coral Sea whilst being cocooned in by the lush and tranquil Daintree Rainforest.

Ideally located only a 15 minute stroll to the beautiful Cow Bay beach.

Japanese Food

Delicious Japanese Style Food

Enjoy nourishing well balanced meals that feed your soul. Prepared daily by our in house chef, Japanese food has been chosen for longevity and will be served for breakfast lunch and dinner. Vegan, Veg & Gluten Free options available.
Day 3 is a safe smart designated fast day to help accelerate and maximise the healing of your gut by giving your digestive system a break. Secondary benefits include weight loss but most importantly is the rejuvenation of the cells in your stomach and pancreas by giving your organs a break which is paramount to the healing process.
We also look at attachments to food and give you a NEW WEEKLY FOOD PLAN that aligns your body with your NEW WEEKLY ROUTINE PLAN. I recommend that all guests participate in the fast however there will by light snacks available on the day. No prepared meals. Please advise of any dietary requirements upon booking V, VEG, G.

What will you experience?

Daintree Meditation

Mind: Chinese esoteric teachings

Daintree Chinese Cupping Therapy

Body: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cow Bay Beach

Soul: Nature Immersion


Each retreat includes all the above retreat inclusions, an intrinsic sound healing journey and more...

Sound Healing Retreat Daintree
Menopause Health Retreat


Dates for 2024 retreats. All 5 days 4 nights.

There are two accommodation options to choose from:

Option 1: $2550 (king bedroom) – only 2 available.
Option 2: $2250 (single occupancy space)

Your Guide & Therapist

Justine Moriarty - Dragon Dreaming Retreats Guide

Justine Moriarty

Intuitive Healer & Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.

Justine has lived in accordance with nature alone deep in the heart of the Daintree Rainforest with no power or running water for the last 10 years.

She has over 25 years experience in bodywork and personal guidance.

Justine is dedicated to daily practice, connecting mind, body and soul.

She realises that true happiness is achieved by physical and emotional release and seeks to aid others on their path to contentment.

Do you remember when you were a kid?… My life story on this earth started in the country, where as a little girl I spent most of my time in the bush collecting sticks, stones, feathers and bones. Not much has changed! Fishing, hunting rabbits with my dad and cooking with my Mum, Nan and Aunties.

We had a huge Veggie Garden, chooks, ducks, guinea fowls and ferrets to barter with the stone fruit orchard next door. A dog or two in the back yard and at least one ‘pet’ lamb or goat.

This very early connection to nature allowed me to connect to source without realising. Following the ‘signs’ from a young age, I surrounded myself with natural objects from which I obtained energetic information and direction. I often saw or spoke to ancestors/guides on the other side. Much to the disbelief of my mother who took me out of many a playgroup as a toddler. I would come home talking about ‘monsters’ as she called them. Being the stubborn Leo that I am, I never let any of the non-believers take a feather out of my wing or the roar out of my paw!

In the mid primary school years, I was fortunate enough to be home schooled on a two-year exploration with my family around the great land of OZ.

After this, the reintroduction to a confined environment school setting was an interesting experience. Questioning the content of curriculum was common and rebellion a consequence. I somehow managed to complete high school and get top marks especially in subjects in which I allowed my creativity to thrive.

I left home as soon as possible to embark upon my journey to destinations that ticked all the boxes in the natural world… let’s just say I didn’t last long in London! I spent five years travelling and connecting with faraway lands, until I came to the realisation that I was only really searching for myself. Always feeling at home wherever I went because I was at ‘home’ within myself. This occurred to me on a two-year journey through Africa where I understood not much was needed for happiness. I drew strength from the African people whose survival skills are second to none. I knew from then on, I would live very simply and endeavoured to do just that.

After my globetrotting adventure ended, a sea change saw me swapping my sheep skulls for shells. I settled in Port Douglas, working as a massage therapist. I also had the privilege of ‘working’ at ‘that hippy shop’ – ‘Imagine’, which some of you will know very well. My time there was a huge part of my spiritual growth. Surrounded by crystals, talking to other healers and enlightened beings on a daily basis helped carve my path of ‘nothing set in stone’ which I am eternally grateful for.

Concurrently, I ended a long-standing relationship and began a true relationship with myself. At this time I was unaware of how Universal forces were colliding to forge my chosen path.. I asked for my guides to step forward; they did thick and fast… be careful what you wish for. Sometimes I wanted to ‘jump off the thought train’; as the more engrained programmed lessons were hard to ‘unlearn.’

With perseverance, I continued with my Buddhist studies which I have incorporated into daily life as a resonating philosophy. Living in accordance with nature is the only way for me, my path through life is now lived with ease.

Along with furthering my Traditional Chinese Medicine practices for the past 15 years I have enjoyed living in the Daintree Rainforest in a hut with no walls, running water or power with my puppies. I live immersed in the natural vibrant rhythms and truth of nature. Waking to hear the water flowing in the creek below, the birds chirping their songs and the gentle rolling in if the waves on the shore at night.

I have let go of attachment and appreciate that the universe guides me; rather than being stuck in old belief systems (taught behaviours) and physical manifestations that make the body sick. The implementation of new ‘programmes’, removal of ’blockages’ and redirection of chi (life force energy flow) through daily practices of Qi Gong and meditation allow me to flow and ‘feel’ instead of think.

I endeavour to conduct activities and make the acquaintance of those who resonate with me. I stay positive and only listen to my heart, the words of those who offer encouragement and the ones that I trust.

My call to you is to follow the signs of synchronicity in your life and manifest your dreams. Work not to fall into the trap of false attainments, beliefs, or teachings. Be yourself and believe in your inner guides!

Words of wisdom I live by are:

If you don’t like something, change it!

If you can’t change it, accept it and move on!

Don’t take ANYTHING personally!

Do what makes you happy!

Justine Moriarty
Natural intuitive healing and TCM treatments

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Your healing journey starts here...

All Dragon Dreaming Daintree Retreats are 5 days / 4 nights.
5 places per retreat only. Our focus is to provide the richest integrated experience for each individual.


There are two accommodation options to choose from:

Option 1: $2550 (king bedroom) – only 2 available.
Option 2: $2250 (single occupancy space)

Luxury Accommodation, All Meals, Healing Treatments, Therapies etc all included!
Airport transfers to/from Cairns airport available if booked in advance.
Coming with a friend? Ask about our discounts!

To make an enquiry or booking, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to confirm all details with you.

Terms of booking: 50% payment due up front and final 50% due 4 weeks before the retreat.

For any cancellations a 50% refund is applicable if cancelled before 3 weeks of retreat start date and 25% refund if cancelled within 2 weeks of retreat start date.